Raney Nickel Catalyst (Active)

Raney Nickel Catalyst (Active)

CAS No. 12635-27-7

Raney Nickel is a versatile Hydrogenation Catalyst and is used in Hydrogenation of a large number of functional groups notable among them being Carbon-Carbon double bond, Carbonyl (aldehydic and ketonic), Nitro, Azide, Nitrile, Oxime groups. It is also used in Hydrogenolysis (viz dehalogenation, debenzylation) and Desulfurisation reactions.

Raney Nickel can also be used in hydrogenation reactions involving very high pressure and temperature. Due to its ability to hydrogenate virtually any type of functional group Raney Nickel is likely to hydrogenate most of the functional groups present on the molecule (of course to varying degrees) capable of getting hydrogenated. Raney Nickel is therefore termed as a non-specific catalyst.

Raney Nickel is highly pyrophoric when dry i.e. catches fire when allowed to dry in atmosphere and is therefore always kept submerged under water or a suitable solvent such as Ethanol, Cyclohexane, Dioxane etc. Even though Raney Nickel Catalyst (Active) is always kept submerged under water or a suitable solvent and supplied in that manner, the commercial transactions are done on dry weight basis.

Notable applications are in the manufacture of Sorbitol, rubber additives, dyes & drugs intermediates, pesticide intermediates, Caprolactum, etc,. Raney Nickel Catalyst can be used in batch as well as in continuous hydrogenation process.

Unlike most other Hydrogenation catalysts, it is not instantly poisoned by sulfur radicals if present in the reactants. However, finely divided Nickel particles due to strong affinity for sulfur instantly react with sulfur present in any form in the molecule of the reactant. Due to its this special property Raney Nickel is frequently used for desulfurisation reactions.

Raney Nickel can also be used for dehydrogenation reactions.

Certificate of Analysis (COA) is made available to all the customers irrespective of quantum of supply. Material safety information, technical specification and test methods however are supplied against specific request.


Limitation of Raney Nickel is that it cannot be used in acidic reaction conditions especially pH below 5.5 because at that pH fine Nickel particles will start dissolving in the reactant/solvent, leading to rapid decline in activity.

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Recommended Application :

A versatile Hydrogenation Catalyst that can carry out almost all types of hydrogenation reactions and can also be used for dehydrogenation and desulphurisation.

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