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Vineeth Chemicals, is a company established in 1986 and is engaged in manufacturing of Hydrogenation Catalysts.
Vineeth Chemicals, established in 1986 is the venture of Mr. Vishwanath P. Shetty a young and enterprising Post-Graduate Chemical Engineer. The company is engaged in the manufacturing of hydrogenation catalysts which include Raney nickel catalyst and Precious metal (Palladium, Platinum, Rhodium & Ruthenium) Catalysts, Palladium based coupling catalysts, Precious metal salts and allied products.

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Hydrogenation Catalysts

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Quality Policy

At Vineeth Chemicals, all activities are done as per prescribed procedures, which are time tested so as to achieve trustworthy outcome in the first instance Specifications have been laid down for each and every raw material as well as finished products. No raw material will be accepted unless found conforming to relevant specification.

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Manufacturers of Hydrogenation Catalysts

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